Star signs, Spitfires and hints about Book 2: a Q&A with LA Weatherly

3465557LA Weatherly is the bestselling author of the Angel series, as well as a whopping 50 other books – the most recent of which is the incredible ‘Broken Sky’. We got the chance to talk to Lee about all things ‘Broken Sky’, star signs and fave characters:

What is Broken Sky about – in the length of a tweet? In a dark, twisted 1940s, an idealistic young fighter pilot discovers her world is fraught with danger and corruption. Who can Amity trust?

Broken Sky is set in a future that echoes the past (America 1940s) and it’s FABULOUS! But can you tell us more about the inspiration behind it all? Thank you! The basic idea – a futuristic society where conflicts between nations are resolved by one-on-one aerial combat – just popped into my head one day. The rest of it – the 1940s vibe; the nod to film noir – comes from my own interests. I’m a huge classic film buff and especially love film noir, with its shady characters and twisty plots. Plus I’ve always been fascinated by the question of real-life heroics. If you lived under a dangerous regime, would you speak out…or just try to keep safe?

The attention to detail really draws the reader in. Was there a lot of research involved? Especially for the plane flying? Yes, definitely! I’m not a pilot, so research was vital. The story’s fictional Firedoves are an homage to Spitfires, which I think are amazing planes. I spoke to Spitfire experts, read detailed memoirs by WWII pilots, and had an old Spitfire manual which I referred to almost daily. But by far the most fun research I did was to actually fly in a Spitfire myself. We did barrel rolls, victory rolls, wingovers – it was awesome! (But terrifying!)


I did a lot of research into astrology, too, which is surprisingly complex. I wanted to impart a real sense of that, and show how astrology could be used to create a climate of fear and control a populace.

Amity and Kay are great characters to follow. Was there a reason one is written in 1st person and the other 3rd? I suppose it’s because Amity is the heart of the book. She’s the character you’re going to be rooting for and connecting with, so the first person voice felt really natural for her in a way that it didn’t for Kay. Though having said that, a lot of readers like Kay much more than I expected! I was worried that everyone would hate her.

There’s a fantastic supporting cast too. We’re spoilt for choice; Harlan, Russ, Vera, to name a few. But do you have a favourite secondary character? Oh, thanks! I love all the characters you mention. Harlan was a lot of fun. And Vera originally had a larger role, which sadly I had to trim for pacing. My favourite secondary character would have to be Ingo, the European Alliance pilot who Amity meets in a club one night. His dialogue just wrote itself. We’ll be seeing more of Ingo as the series progresses (and more of some of the other characters, too!).

We have to ask… What is your star sign? Libra. And because of all my research, I can also tell you, geekily, that I was born on the cusp of Scorpio with Cancer rising and moon in Gemini. Aren’t you glad you asked?

And what can we expect from book 2? Things get darker. A lot of secrets are revealed. Amity goes through a steep learning curve, and realises that life isn’t as morally black and white as she’d thought. In some ways ‘Darkness Follows’ is quite a gritty read – there are no easy answers – but for me as an author, it was a joy to write. Ultimately, it’s about friendship, trust, and hope.

Because we all want to know where the magic happens, send us a snap of where you write! Your wish is my command! Here’s my home office, complete with cat and coffee mug. (Yes, it really does tend to be that tidy!)


Grab your copy of ‘Broken Sky’ here.

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