Is L A Weatherly the new Cassandra Clare? We show you why!

Oh hush now, Cassie Clare is a freakin’ goddess of fiction. But fans of should be glad to hear that there are others out there doing just as good a job and there are a million and one reasons why.


‘Darkness Follows’ author L A Weatherly is right on track to follow in hallowed footsteps of the authorial awesomeness. Here’s our logic:

1. World building and setting.


Worlds within our own worlds. Clare gave us the Shadowhunters, Weatherly gives us angels and broken utopias.

2. Characters to fangasm over.


Have you actually READ ‘Broken Sky’ and ‘Darkness Follows’? Seriously, Ingo has mega fanart potential, as does Amity, really.



God it feels good to finally have a proper use for that gif. And it is so relevant here. With a careful balance between action, suspense and of course, romance, we’re completely seduced by the whole package. Hook, line and sinker.

4. Binge reading.


The best thing about coming to a series late is that you can BINGE READ that mother until you give yourself eye strain. L A Weatherly has books upon books for you to sink your teeth into. See here.

5. Bookstagram

This might seem a bit far flung for some of you, but those of you that Insta will understand how some books just feel right in them pics, you know?

6. Leading ladies.


And ladies that lead at their damn best too! Everyone loves a female lead they can really get behind, right? These are a-plenty in L A Weatherly’s books. We’d love to throw ‘Broken Sky’s Amity and TMI’s Clary together and see what kind of adventures they embarked on (fanfiction alert!).

Are you convinced? Good. Because you can start off on your L A Weatherly fangirl journey right here.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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