I tried Kylie Jenner’s butter in ramen tip and it was… doomed from the start

If you missed it, Kylie Jenner has been out here giving some seriously life-changing tips on Snapchat. Well, maybe anyway. We decided to put her theory of butter in ramen to the test, because our lip kit queen seemed to think it was the ultimate way to chow down on the dish.


Earlier in the month, Kylie took to her Snapchat to inform us of how she makes the perfect ramen. FYI, garlic powder, an egg and some butter were her ingredients of choice.


She then opened the conversation up to her Twitter followers, asking what they put in theirs.

As with anything Kardashian/Jenner related, there was an uproar on the internet with many questioning the edition of butter.

So we thought we’d put the theory to test. Little did we know our issue wouldn’t be the potentially unsavoury, potentially quite bland, bowl of noodles soaked in butter. It actually looked surprisingly delicious, if a little colourless.


No, the issue came when we wanted to show off our culinary skills to you all and boast that we may have one upped Kylie by stirring in some hot sauce to make it extra yum.

But our memory card corrupted and we experienced the ultimate first world problem, looking forlornly at all the ingredients we had already used up. It was too late. We delivered a serious palm to face.


But let’s pretend our ramen looked otherworldly, because we reckon it did even if we can’t prove it.


Our tip to Kylie would be to throw in some other ingredients into the mix. The butter didn’t make it bad in taste, but we also wouldn’t say it added much to the overall experience of our ramen dish. In fact, if we’d been so brave as to try and eat it with chopsticks, we think the slippery consistency of butter probs would have made our lives ten times harder.

What do you like in your ramen? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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