Myths Busted: Is Kylie Jenner about to surprise us with an album?

Could it really be happening? Is Kylie Jenner about to release an EP or album onto the world?

kylie crying

You’d think, having Kanye West as a brother-in-law and Tyga as a boyfriend, that King Kylie would jump at the chance of becoming a pop star. But despite denying the rumours for ages, we might just have some proof that suggests Kylizzle is working on an album. Let’s break it down:


Last Thursday, 31st March, Kylie released the ‘Glosses’ video announcing her new line of lip gloss. Although everyone thought it was her singing, Team Kylie confirmed it was a song called ‘Three Strikes’ by an artist named Terror Jr.

Here’s where things get a little weird. Terror Jr didn’t actually exist on the internet before the ‘Glosses’ video. In fact, they appeared on the same day the video came out.


Adding more fuel to the fire, one of Kylie’s friends – singer/songwriter Harry Hudson – apparently tweeted then quickly deleted a message of congratulations to Kylie about releasing an EP. Hmm…


Finally, Terror Jr only follows one person on Twitter and Instagram. Yep, you guessed it; Kylie Jenner.


Terror Jr’s record label revealed that the singer on ‘3 Strikes’ is “a girl named Lisa,” but that doesn’t explain the rumoured tweet. We see your game, Kylie, you’ve been clocked. Now, give us that damn album! Kylie x Pia Mia needs to happen, we’re SO ready for it.


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