We teach you how to look like Kylie Jenner with make up inspired tutorial.

Kylie Jenner. Sister of the Kardashian ladies, one of the richest teenagers in the world and talk of the hemisphere of the internet. Totally normal for a 17 year old, right?

As we all know, her complete look is one of the most talked about looks in the world. Whether it’s her hair, her make-up,  or her outfits… If Kylie J wears it, it’s guaranteed that 90% of the teenage girl population will wear it too.

Following her short but sweet trip to the UK, we thought we’d bring you guys a Kylie Jenner inspired make-up tutorial using all affordable drugstore makeup so you can get the look for less!

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Step 1 – Base.
Make sure you have a flawless base. As Kylie is much darker than myself, I used a shade darker and buffed it in to my skin to achieve a look closer to Kylie’s.


Step 2 –  Brows.
As the buffing in of the foundation leaves residue in your eyebrows, use a brow comb to comb through your brows and begin to use an angled brush and a brow powder to fill in your brows. All Kardashian/Jenners are known for strong brows so feel free to fill in more to make them even thicker.


Step 3 – Highlight.
Once your brows are done, begin to subtly highlight your face using a concealer or highlighter in the places you want to appear more lifted and awake.

Step 4 – Contour and blush.
Use a face sponge to gently pat in the highlight so the product stays in place. Once you’ve done that, get a bronzer and begin to bronze underneath the highlight, on your cheekbones. (yes, the duck face is very much acceptable at this point!).

rsz_bronzerphoto1Then take a blusher and using a fluffy blusher brush, gently pat the apples of your and slowly work your way up to your cheekbones, making sure not too much product is applied.



Step 5 – Eyes
Firstly, use a fluffy brush to cover your entire eyelid with a cream coloured base eyeshadow, to then gradually build up with more colour. 


Then take an eyeshadow crease brush, and get a bronze or subtle brown eyeshadow shade and blend that in. Then take a darker, chocolate brown shade to subtly further work in to the crease to give your eyes an overall subtle bronzed look.

rsz_finishedeyeshadowbase1Next, take a lengthening, volumising mascara and build up a fake lash look so there’s no need to wear falsies.

rsz_dsc_0381_2Next step is liquid eyeliner. What would be a Kylie Jenner inspired make-up look without a little bit of winged eyeliner? Do a thin line above your lashline, getting progressively thicker as you get closer to the edge of the eye, then subtly wing out the eyeliner.

rsz_eyelinerphoto1Step  6 – Lips, of course.
Kylie’s lips are the talk of the internet, with so much speculation as to whether they’re fake or not. It’s easy to make your lips look more plump without the surgery, believe me! Use a brown toned nude lip liner and fill in the outline of your lips, then gradually start to fill them in.

Tip – if anything goes wrong or if you decide to overdraw and it looks strange, use a concealer to clean it all up and that will also define your lip shape.


Final Look:


nce that’s done you are now an honorary Jenner! We wish.
Remember, you can change things up or skip steps, this is only an inspired make-up tutorial! Let us know how you get on at @maximumpop and tweet me if you want to know specific products used @anyacahill_

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