Kylie Jenner and Ariel Winter slayed in the same dress, but whose look would YOU wear?

You know that feeling when you turn up at an event just to find out somebody else is wearing the same outfit and has totally stole your look – SO annoying, right?


Uh, apparently not. Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner totally just proved that you can rock the exact same dress in two different ways without waging a full-blown fashion war.

When Ariel worked the 2016 Emmys red carpet in a stunning Yousef AlJasmi gown earlier this week, we thought we’d seen that sparkly number before and we weren’t wrong. King Ky was papped at New York Fashion Week wearing an almost identical dress.

While Ariel went glam with a sleek longer version of the dress, Kylie opted for a more ‘shabby chic’ effect and dressed down by throwing on a distressed denim jacket. We love both girls and think they perfectly styled each look differently, but whose would you wear?

We really value your opinions, so we asked 3 stylish bloggers what they thought of each look and here’s what went down.


“I think both have picked a gorgeous outfit – I love the diamond detail with nude shoes! However, I must say that I do prefer Kylie’s styling of the dress. The denim jacket adds a casual feeling (which is great with the over-the-top dress!) to mix it up slightly, and her hair looks gorgeous in a top knot. Kylie’s makeup also looks great here. I love the peachy tones in her eyeshadow and lipsticks in contrast to the metallic outfit.”

– Elise,

“As a Modern Family lover, it really kills me to say that I think King Kylie has won this one. On Ariel, this stunner of a dress makes her look wider at the shoulders than she really is and a little bit boxy. Whereas on Kylie, it hugs her killer curves and shows off everything in just the right way. I also do prefer this dress as a mini rather than a maxi, but that’s just personal preference… both ladies killed it respectively!”

– Katie,

“I think Ariel Winter looks stunning, however it is not showing off her stunning curves in the best way.  Ariel has a stunning figure, but this dress suits Kylie that bit better.  Kylie has a serious hourglass figure going on so the structured lines in the dress really accentuate her small waist and curves. If you notice, the structured lines give a dropped waist on Ariel’s dress, if they were the same as Kylie’s – sitting higher accentuating the high waist –  it would look much better on her.  I love how they both pulled the hair back off the face and minimal accessories to let the shoes do the talking.  But I have to say Kylie – lose the jacket.  I’m all for mixing pieces up, but this to me screams trying too hard, despite the fact she is actually trying to look as if she just threw it on over as a last thought!”

– Ali Murray,

But who do YOU think styled it better? Get your fashion pants on and voice your thoughts in the comments below! We’re listening.

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