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YouTuber KSI beat Adele and Bowie to the No1 spot on iTunes, nbd.

YouTubers are taking over the world. They’ve got their own books, films, beauty ranges, the list is endless and we’re totally okay with it.
Actually, the more YouTuber world domination, the better.


If you’ve been living under a rock, then you won’t know who KSI is. KSI is a YouTuber and now recording artist who started his gaming channel way back in 2009 and actually has the most viewed UK YouTube channel, along with 12 million subscribers. NBD.


His debut EP ‘Keep Up’ that he just released beat legends such as Adele and Bowie to the top spot on the iTunes chart. Again, nbd. The EP features JME, Nick Brewer, Sway and more of the top grime and UK hip hop artists.

‘Keep Up’ is available to buy from iTunes now.

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