Download Or Ditch: Kitty Brucknell – ‘Chains’

Welcome to another Download Or Ditch, where the power is in your hands. We present a brand new pop track and you ask yourself the most important question in the entire pop world: Download Or Ditch?

Do you remember Kitty Brucknell? She was an X Factor finalist in 2012, who the public loved to hate. But Kitty definitely had oodles of talent and finished in 6th place of the UK singing comp. We loved Kitty on the X Factor and couldn’t wait to see what absolutely crazy and out-there Gaga-esque performance she would do next.

Kitty has released an original song on YouTube, complete with homemade video for the whole world to see. It’s not the zany pop/ dance banger that we were hoping for from Kitty but it certainly is striking and it’s called ‘Chains’.

‘Chains’ is a stripped back, piano-led ballad that shows exactly how great a singer Kitty actually is. It’s raw and unproduced and (at the risk of sounding like a Voice Coach) we believed her performance. The track was even recommended by Queen guitarist Brian May which a pretty darn good recommendation if you ask us. Kitty revealed that she wrote the track at 2 am in a “creative frenzy” and it’s one of her faves- We wish we could be that productive at 2am, the best thing we make at 2am is Mojito’s after a night on the tiles.

What do you think? Is Kitty’s ‘Chains’ stunningly beautiful or just a beautiful disaster? Watch the video for Kitty’s new track below. Voting is now closed!

Result: The votes are in and it seems like ‘Chains’ has struck a chord with you guys. Kitty’s ballad won this Download Or Ditch with 83.64%. Congrats Kitty, and we can’t wait for the club banger! :-)


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