Kiran Millwood Hargrave reveals ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ might be based on more fact than fiction?!

At this year’s YALC we were pretty stoked to get the chance to stop and chat with MP! Bookish Awards nominee Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of the magical, beautiful ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars‘.

From fangirling over her bookish faves (Maggie Steifvater, anyone?) to revealing her tropical inspiration, watch Kiran chat all things ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ and MORE!

Isn’t she just the sweetest?!

Need more from this book to quench your thirst? Well, have you SEEN what ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ used to look like? Crazy!

Let us know your favourite part about YALC 2016 in the comments.

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