Kingsland Road post-X Factor: 10 Things You Need to Know

You know how much we love a boyband here at MP! So when we got the chance to hang out backstage with Kingsland Road before their gig at Liverpool’s Popworld, we obviously said a big fat YES. The boys were on top form as we chatted about their career hopes, dating fans and online marriage proposals. We can also confirm that Josh has lovely hair – we know this because we touched it.

We were also pretty impressed with the boys’ performance, which included a medley of pop faves such as Wham’s ‘I’m Your Man’ and Little Mix’s ‘How Ya Doin’’. Their voices sounded stronger than they did when watching through our tellies on a Saturday evening and we loved the fact that they pulled some serious shapes on stage. Their X Factor dream may be over, but you definitely haven’t heard the last of Kingsland Road. Here’s what we learnt from our backstage chat.

1) They knew they’d be OK after leaving the show, because Little Mix said so.  “We were totally gutted when we left,” admits Matt. “It was hard for us to take, but when we came off stage, we saw Little Mix, who’d been watching the show, and they told us not to worry and that we’d be fine. That really lifted the weight from our shoulders.”  Awwww. You heard it here first, people. Little Mix are officially K-Landers.

2) They’re bezzies with Rough Copy.  When we asked which of their fellow X Factor contestants they’d most like to stay mates with, they all agreed it was the Rough Copy lads. “We’ll be going for a drink with them when they finish the show,” says Thompson. That’s one night out we wouldn’t mind joining! Just imagine it – two of our fave up-and-coming boybands taking on the town in a whirlwind of tartan, quiffs and man-skirts.

3) They were mates with everyone in the X Factor house, but there wasn’t any romance.  “We got on with everyone in the house,” says Josh. “We were like the agony aunts – if anyone was stressed, they’d come to us to be cheered up. The week after we left, we were reading in the paper about how the atmosphere had changed without us.”

Thompson agrees. “It’s true, some of the others text us to tell us how empty it felt without us!” he says.  They’re also keen to rubbish any romance rumours. “No, I didn’t kiss Tamera,” Jay tells us, when we cheekily asked about those rumours. “Unless you mean a friendly peck on the cheek!”

4) They believe in the power of hard work.  “We’re writing some material,” Matt tells us. “We want to gig as much as possible and work as hard as we can. The real aim is to get signed eventually.” 

With the boys being mobbed at nearly every appearance they’ve made in the past couple of weeks and their Twitter following growing by day, we don’t think that day is too far away. We’re also excited to hear their songwriting skills – we’re crossing our fingers for something all poetic that will make us gooey inside.

5) Hold onto your hats, girls – they’d be prepared to date a fan!  While the thought of dating someone who may have previously camped outside your house or slept with your belly fluff under their pillow might freak out most celebs, the Kingsland lads aren’t put off by a little thing like fangirling.

“Yeah, why not?” says Josh. “If they’re already a fan of you, it’s a pretty good starting point!” You’ll be pleased to know that the others were all nodding in agreement.

6) They’ve been proposed to…over Twitter.  And now they’ve OFFICIALLY said that they’d date a fan, this will probably happen a lot more often. “I have had marriage proposals over the Internet,” says Connor, as if that’s a totally normal thing to happen. For five guys still pretty new to the land of celeb-ville, they’re taking it all in their stride. So erm…boys, will you marry us?

7) Despite having his heart broken by THAT ex, Connor’s still in the mood for love.  In various interviews, poor old Connor has opened up about a certain ex who ‘really hurt him’ by dumping him to return to her ex *sob*. But, far from being cut up about it, he’s moved on and isn’t quite as lovelorn as the papers would have you think.

“What they didn’t say was that she was about three girlfriends ago, so I have dated since then!” he tells us. As much as we would like to cuddle him and stroke his ever-growing quiff until his broken heart was mended, we’re relieved to hear that he’s alright about the whole thing and back in the dating game!

8) Whenever he feels a bit down, Matt likes to frolic in the woods dressed as a deer. Oh dear. Well, that isn’t strictly true, but if you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our recent Daily Nipple Pic. We just had to find out what on earth was going on there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as exciting as dancing in Swan Lake or holding a topless fancy dress party.

“It was a uni project,” he tells us, prompting Josh to chip in with a cry of “Shaaat aaap!”, proper TOWIE style. “Alright, alright, I admit it, when I feel down, I sometimes dress up as a deer,” Matt jokes. “There’s nothing like putting on your horns and dancing in the woods.” Indeed!

9) Thompson isn’t having much luck trying to make friends with One Direction. Last time we chatted with the Kingsland lads, Thompson was feeling a little rejected after a Tweet he sent to Liam Payne never got a reply.

“You’re bringing this up AGAIN?” he says, looking hurt. “No, he still hasn’t got back to me, and Niall also refused to have a picture with me. There’s still Harry, Louis and Zayn though. I’m not giving up!” We detect a tiny bit of fangirling here, but 1D, if you read this, please make Thompson a happy man and Tweet him back!

10) They’d like to read fan fiction about themselves. Yes, that’s right. Far from being weirded out by thought of being ‘shipped’ like Larry Stylinson, Jay thinks it would actually be a bit of a laugh. “It’s interesting to see what goes on in people’s imaginations,” he says. “And I think there are already some stories about us online! We’d definitely read it. It would probably be quite funny!” Hmm. We reckon that’s a joke that could get old pretty quickly, but we love the fact that the lads are prepared for everything that comes with being celebs, even the weird bits!


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