Kimberly McCreight’s tenacity and determination are only part of why we thinks she’s awesome

‘The Outliers’ is Kimberly McCreight’s debut YA book. She’s great success with her adult fiction, and it all signs point to glory with this book too.

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Mystery, intrigue, and already optioned for film? ‘The Outliers’ is one to watch, for sure. But in case you still needed convincing this author is a boss, here’s some reasons why we think she rocks it.

1. Her determination, even when her worst writing enemy was technically herself, is inspiring to any would-be author. 

“Luckily, the part of my own bargain that I never could seem to keep—even when I seemed crazy, even to myself—was the part about giving up.”

Read more about her journey to publication here.

2. She’s scared of watermelons?

(Also, do we get points for linking to a tweet that links back to us? #skill)

3. Is a total queen on social media:

4. Kimberly McCreight just GETS US.

Me, thinking about writing today.

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5. Not only does she write super swish books… she runs marathons? Colour us worn out just thinking about it.

6. This.

Need we go on? Kimberly McCreight is every bit as awesome as her new book ‘The Outliers’. For real.

Haven’t got your copy yet? You can grab one here.

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