Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill the Boy Band’ is “laugh-out-loud funny even at its darkest”

Goldy Moldavsky’s debut ‘Kill the Boy Band’ has been on readers radars for a while, so both Ashleigh from The YA Kitten and Jessica from Paper Utopia were excited to read it before they even opened the book!


Jessica summarised the plot of this outrageous novel nice and succinctly: “The novel follows four teenage girls who are huge fans of British band the Ruperts. In fact, they’re such big fans that when they’re unable to score tickets to the band’s Thanksgiving show in NYC, they book a room in the same hotel where the band will be staying in hopes of glimpsing their idols. After they’ve checked in, it seems like they’re in for the night of their lives – until they (sort of) accidentally kidnap one of the members of the band.”

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It wasn’t long until Ashleigh was suckered in by the narrator: “Unreliable narrators are my catnip and that’s exactly the kind of character our narrator is” and Jessica agrees that “the charming narrator litters the book with intelligent commentary on whether fangirls truly are crazy”.

‘Kill the Boy Band’ is ultimately an exploration of fandom and celeb culture, and Moldavsky does it brilliantly.  Jessica says: “it pokes fun at the extremes fans go to but also does a nice job of defending it – to a certain extent.”

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It’s a celebration of teenage girls, a group whose opinions are often belittled or ignored. Ashleigh: “Teenage girls love unlike any other group. Their kind of love is fierce and pure and terrifying and complicated…the wrath of a teenage girl scorned is one of the greatest forces on Earth.”

But that’s not all it looks at. Jessica noticed that “not only does ‘Kill the Boy Band’ explore the sanity of fangirls but it also strays into the territory of how fame affects the boy banders themselves.”

i'm real famous

More than anything though, “it’s laugh-out-loud funny even at its darkest” according to Ashleigh.

All in all? Jessica says ‘Kill the Boy Band is “an incredible, astounding debut that deals with my favourite topics and questions the exact things about fandom culture that need to be questioned.”

Can’t really argue with that, now can you?!

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