From ‘Kill the Boy Band’ to ‘Paper Towns’ which fictional fugitives really keep us flipping pages?

The law is the law. But that doesn’t mean it never gets broken. For the characters in Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill the Boy Band’ it’s one of those “well, that escalated quickly” situations.


But they’re not alone. YA has seen a plethora of characters flirting with the wrong side of law, either with good intentions, or with completely rotten ones. Here’s some of our favourites:


1. ‘Vendetta’ by Catherine Doyle – this book is way down in mobster town.


Sure, protagonist Sophie is on the straight and narrow… But the house full of beautifully deadly brothers she hangs around with? Yeah. Not so much.

2. ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green – Who hasn’t wanted to visit somewhere like Sea World after hours? This is exactly what Quentin and Margo do. Over the fence aaaand… Oops…

red handed


3. ‘Soulprint’ by Megan Miranda – You can be deemed dangerous, just by having a soul ‘print’ the same as someone who came before you. Think ‘Minority Report’ but this system makes predictions based on the past rather than the future.

minority report

4. ‘Heist Society’ by Ally Carter – This is the epitome of YA law breaking. But there’s a clever twist!

oh my god

Katarina must pull of a mega heist to steal back some stuff that’s been stolen… To save her master thief father? Wut?

5. ‘Juvie’ by Steve Watkins – A bit of a curve-ball since the main character in this book didn’t actually do anything wrong. She takes the fall and ends up in the slammer. It’s an interesting perspective and naturally, she’s surrounding by plenty of teen law breakers.


6. ‘Kill the Boy Band’ by Goldy Moldavsky – This book is out and out outrageous. Just when you think things can’t get any worse for those four girls… it does. But one thing is for sure, it never forgets its sense of humour.

the simpsons

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