Alarm Pop: Introducing rising Danish star Kill J and her amazing pop track ‘Cold Stone’

New popstars? We love them. And we know you do too. That’s why today’s Alarm Pop comes from a singer that you might not have heard of before. Following acts such as Andrea Hegard, Kill J is today’s Scandinavian import that we’re telling you about.

Kill J is a mysterious singer, songwriter and producer who hails from Denmark, but is ready to unleash her experimental pop tunes on the whole world.



Kill J’s vocal awe-inspiring vocal reach and flawless production puts her right up there with the other empowered Scandinavian female artists.

Kill J’s new track, ‘Cold Stone’ reflects on her former more-innocent teenage self, as well as being in an unhappy place.

“It is an innocent universe, where everyone is supposed to be happy, but still it is the formative years and that is the most brutal part of our lives. It is a cold, mean fight to fit in under the surface – and none of us long to go back to that teenage anxiety,” she explains.

“‘Cold Stone’ is my bubblegum track,” Kill J continues. “But pop isn’t a crime.”

Pop? A crime? Who ever suggested that?

Check out Kill J’s ‘Cold Stone’ below:


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