Kids react to 5SOS and point out that they’re not the Beach Boys. Thanks for that, kids.

There’s nothing we love more than binge-watching Kids React videos to see their cute reactions to all things weird and wonderful. So when we saw that the channel had made a reaction video to 5 Seconds of Summer earlier this month, we just had to share it with you to see what the cute kids thought of our favourite Aussie band.

In the video, the kids are shown two 5SOS videos – ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Good Girls’ and then quizzed as to whether they think the lads are a boy band or a rock band, and we think they’ll be happy with the result.

Some of our favourite reactions 5SOS from this video are: “Is this Queen?”, “Do they have to sing with jails in all of their music videos?”, and “They don’t look that bad.”

Check out the full reaction video below:

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