Ke$ha brings us into the party season with ‘Warrior’! Amazing album alert!

The queen of glitter puke, rainbow unicorn blood and swigging JD from a bottle in lieu of mouthwash, Ke$ha has released her second album ‘Warrior’ onto the world and despite our misgivings upon her telling everyone that it was going to be a rock album, we reckon she’s managed to produce one of the strongest pop albums of the year.

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The thundering title track of an opener is the manifesto of the entire album – the stronger rock influences, the themes of empowerment and strength, all wrapped up in a catchy electro-rock tune that while never really making a huge impact, is still pretty great.

The lead single and one we’ve already confirmed to be pretty damn awesome – the electropop princess certified her comeback with this rollicking blast of a tune, with a middle eight that is still an arms-in-the-air triumph.

The promo single and another song in the vein of getting drunk and having fun, this is like Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ with its fruit punch well and truly spiked.

A midtempo, one-fingered salute to her ex, this is one of the best songs on the album and while it sounds like something that a newly rebellious and blonde-hawked Miley Cyrus might record, it’s fun and bonkers and almost beautiful in its delivery.

Starting off delicate, the song quickly becomes a club thumper with Ke$ha spitting out her spit-slick, spoken-word lyrics with plenty of bitchy smackdowns making this an acid-tongued party tune that takes a few spins to get your head around.

A club song that is a surprisingly touching ode to true love and the power that love will find you. *sniffs*. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a damn good tune to dance all night too.

A bit of an electro-rock gem, this is probably the first strong indicator of where Ke$ha’s true musical tastes lie a bit – the verse from Iggy Pop is a bonkers delight and the entire tune is disposable fun.

The first ‘ballad’ on the album, this is a slightly darker tune but it’s equally fun, catchy and reinforces Ke$ha’s idea of the album being centred around ‘magic’.


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Ke$ha goes all Kelly Clarkson on this tune – a dance-rock hybrid of a tune that is a call to arms for all lovers and beloveds in the immediate vicinity. Fun, catchy and sweet, as well as an indicator of the lowered amount of Auto-Tune she’s using this time around.

One of the most talked-about songs due to Ke$ha describing it as being a result of her exploits with a ghost between the sheets. Ooookay then… it’s still an ear-snaggingly catchy tune and a great track.


Another typical Dr Luke production – catchy hook, lyrics about enjoying life and the like. It’s not that it’s a bad song by any means, it’s more that we’ve heard it all before and while the call back to her ‘Cannibal’ EP is cool, it’s a bit filler.

A stripped back ballad that sounds so unlike the Ke$ha that we’ve grown to know and secretly love – it’s a gentle, soft rock acoustic ballad that promotes the idea of being positive and embracing everyone. Awwww.

Easily one of the best tracks on the album, this deluxe edition track is a midtempo rock-pop song about saying goodbye to your first and maybe true love. An anthemic, lighters-in-the-air chorus shows a softer side to Ms Sebert and one that makes us truly love this song at MP! HQ.

A kind of brilliantly trashy ode that could have gone on a Katy Perry album if her last one hadn’t been a lollipops-and-cocks ode. A pretty awesome chorus anchors this great track.

Another dance-pop track, this one is a bit more exciting that the others and while it’s a typical ode to being yourself and enjoying life, it’s still relentlessly fun, joyous and a bright delight that shows that despite her newfound melancholic sensabilities, she still enjoys a party.

The final track on the deluxe edition, this is a swelling, growing song that aims right at the acoustic-centered, Ke$ha teaming up with Wayne Coynes to deliver a song aimed right at the tear ducts although it’s not as immediate as the other songs.


All in all, Ke$ha’s delivered an incredibly strong, cohesive and most of all fun pop album – while she’s dabbled in the kind of rock that she loves, she’s also delivered us plenty of solid pop hooks and melodies (whilst dropping a lot of that pesky AutoTune) that gives us hope that the princess of glitter puke might be growing up but without sacrificing her sense of effervescent fun. She is Ke-dollar-sign-ha, after all.

‘Warrior’ is out now. Listen to a preview of the new album below:

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