Ke$ha unveils ‘Die Young’ – Download or Ditch?

Sound the ‘oh my God she’s back’ alarm as Ke$ha, known in the offices of MP! HQ as ‘the patron saint of glitter-drenched puke, copious amounts of booze and amazing electro-trashpop’ is back with new album ‘Warrior’. Fortunately, with ‘Warrior’ out at the start of December, Ke$ha’s decided to unleash a new lead single on us – ‘Die Young’. Is it any good?

‘Die Young’ is the Ke$ha we all love to pretend to hate but secretly listen to – the ‘Starships’-esque guitar opening, the thumping drum beats and a surprising reduction of Auto-Tune have this ranking high amongst her best single releases. The chorus is an anthemic joy and the chant-along middle eight is like smutty aural dirty secret.

It’s not the smartest or most original release, but it’s the one that when it comes on you’re dancing like a loon in your bedroom or on a night out with your friends, you’ll sing a little bit louder and smile that little bit more, something every Ke$ha song is aimed right at.

Listen to ‘Die Young’ below:

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