10 GIFs of Kendrick Sampson on HTGAWM that are hot AF

Do you watch ‘How to Get Away with Murder‘? Because we have an absolute hottie alert and you should all be watching that masterpiece of a show!

We are all loving Kendrick Sampson (that season finale ripped us apart, we aren’t over it) so we’ve compiled 10 GIFs of Kendrick which we think are HOT AF. Please try to not pass out.

tumblr_inline_nxitasOFom1t6o3c9_500Damn Kendrick, back at it again with the sexy face.

tumblr_inline_mvp4u5WONg1rqq37jWHAT A CUTIE PIE.

tumblr_inline_mvp4ukQtBV1rqq37jWe can’t.


tumblr_inline_nxitag24ru1t6o3c9_500Confused baby?

tumblr_inline_nxitayGyCs1t6o3c9_500Stop it.



tumblr_inline_ny16ec8F0i1t6o3c9_500That smile, look at it!

tumblr_inline_ny1547IEjq1t6o3c9_500We love you Kendrick.

On a scale from alive to dead, how dead are you right now? We’re struggling to find oxygen to be honest. What a beautiful human. What do you think of Kendrick? Let us know at @maximumpop.

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