Incredible make-up artist transforms each half of her face into Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Despite sharing genes and being BFFs, the Jenner sisters have very different styles. Kylie is all about glamour and can rarely be seen without sporting one of her lip kits, meanwhile Kendall has that model shizzle going on and much prefers a natural look.kendall-k

Both are equally as gorgeous, but it’s a battle of the Jenners as one celebrity make-up artist has put the girls’ looks side by side in this incredible half-and-half transformation.

Katie Jane Hughes painted half of her face like Kylie and the other half like Kendall, showing the Instagram world just how different their looks are and yet both equally beautiful in their own way.

Captioning the image, “I wanted to try them both on my self to see which I truly preferred. It’s the one on the right!!! Honestly I like the way both look as they are both powerful in their own way,” Her message is that authenticity is the most important thing and it’s all about what YOU like.

After all, who can really pick between Kendall and Kylie anyway? They’re both babein’ and we’re actually considering rocking this half-and-half look as it’s basically the best of both worlds.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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