Kendall Jenner lets us into her home and reveals 73 things you didn’t know about her

If you didn’t already know, Kendall Jenner has landed her first Vogue cover and it’s only the upcoming September issue (aka the BIG IMPORTANT ONE).

To celebrate, Kenny let Vogue (and vicariously all of us) into her family home to give a lavish tour of her mansion and reveal 73 things we didn’t know about her. *mini fist pump*

We’ve rounded up 10 exciting revelations from the interview…


1) Her first job? No, not being a global supermodel – it was actually dog walking. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

2) The one thing Kenny wishes more people focused on is erm… her ass? We weren’t given an explanation but maybe she’ll tell us why one day.

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3) If Kendall could get rid of one fashion trend, it would be “wedge sneakers”. Yikes – remind us never to wear them in her presence.

4) The best beauty advice she’s ever been given was from Kris – “always look after your things”. Ah, mums always know best.

moms my biggest fan ❤️

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5) Kenny’s got lots of secrets but if she told us, “they wouldn’t be a secret anymore.” Damn. However, she did let slip that she’s a shutterbug at heart as her secret hobby is photography.

6) The most expensive thing she’s ever splurged on is her Instagram-worthy vintage car and we can see why. Take us for a drive, plz?

7) If she could only dance to one song for the rest of her life, it would be Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. OBVS.

8) The one thing only Kendall knows about Kim is that “she can do almost anything with her toes.” And they say the Kardashians have no talent…

sister Sunday

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9) Think the sisters are needy? Think again. Kenny says, “none of us are ’cause we’re all super independent women.” Yaaaas, girl.

10) If Kim has another kid, Kendall reckons she should call it South. We deffo have to agree on that one.

You can watch KenJen answer the 63 other questions here:

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