We show you how to achieve the perfect Kendall Jenner inspired make up

We all know how hard it is to pick a favourite Kardashian sister, right? They’re all completely different people. However, the one thing they all have in common is – the most perfect, flattering make-up which makes all of us at home even more envious of their flawless faces scattered all over social media every day.

As we all need to act as our own personal make-up artists, I’ve made it easy for you to achieve a Kendall Jenner inspired look which can be worn everyday, day to night. After a few tries you may give their makeup artist a run for his money!


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To begin with, apply a neutral coloured eyeshadow base all over the eyelid.

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To begin the subtle smokey eye, use an orange toned brown eyeshadow and use a fluffy brush to work that into your crease as a transition shade.

Following that, to intensify the smokey eye, use a darker orange toned shade of brown to work into your outer crease and softly blend that into your front crease, as Kendall’s crease shade appears to be all over the crease.

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To complete the eyeshadow look, apply a shimmery gold shade and lightly pack it onto the eyelid, avoiding too much blending.

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To complete the eye makeup, apply a lengthening mascara to make your eyelashes stand out, false lashes like Kendall’s are optional. As eyeliner isn’t used, it’s important to make the eyelashes stand out.

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Now onto the face! Kendall doesn’t usually go for a heavy contour and highlight like her sisters. In this makeup look, she goes for a subtle, warm, sunkissed bronze and highlight to accentuate her amazing cheekbones we are all envious of.

If your bronzer application is more on the Kim K level, patting a damp beauty blender into the areas of application helps to blend the bronzer in to become more of a subtle look.

After that, apply highlighter to your fingers and gently pat that above your bronzer, onto your cheekbones to lift the cheekbone area.

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To complement the subtle smokey eye and the sunkissed skin, there is nothing better than a red, classic lip to top the look off. Any red lipstick can be used to adapt the look, suited best to your skin tone.

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Let us know if you attempt to recreate this look! Any suggestions on future makeup tutorials tweet me at @anyacahill_ or tweet us at @maximumpop

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