Kendall Jenner is the face of Magnum and now we really want ice cream

Kendall Jenner + ice cream = pretty much two of our favourite things in the world. Where can it go wrong?


Magnum clearly had the same thought process as us, as they’ve only gone and cast Kenny as the face of their fancy new Magnum Double range. *mini fist pump*


Staring sultrily into our souls, we don’t know how that choc ice hasn’t melted with the heat as we’re burning up just looking at these fierce campaign shots. Like fo’ real.

Kendall also features in an ad for the brand which is er, a tad strange to say the least.

Frolicking around in leopard print armed with TWO (why stop at one?) choc ices in hand, she dares us to “be who you wanna be, take time for pleasure, go for it, be the centre of attention, and go wild.”

We mean, sure alright, but what the heck does that have to do with ice cream? All we wanna do at this moment in time is scoff our faces.

Well, we’ve definitely got Magnums on the mind now. What do you guys make of Kenny’s ad? Let’s discuss @maximumpop

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