This is why you’re getting bacne, according to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has been very open about her struggle with acne – yep, even supermodels have skin probz – and this week she’s been talking all about bacne (that’s back acne) on her website.


It’s hard to believe that such a mega babe has experienced skin issues, but luckily for her (and us!) she’s spilled the secret on how to prevent those irritating spots from popping up.

In her new vid, ‘Skin Savvy: Body Acne‘, Kenny’s dermatologist, Christie Kidd, reveals that the cause of bacne could be to do with the way we wash our hair. Who would’ve thought?


“Most of us, we wash our hair, we condition it, and when our conditioner is sitting, that’s when we wash our body, and then the last we do is rinse out our conditioner,” she says.

Instead, Christie reckons you should wash your hair, condition it, rinse the conditioner out, clip your hair up and THEN wash your body. That way you don’t clog your pores with oil from the conditioner.

We’ll deffo be trying that tip then! If it’s good enough for Kendall…

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