Kelly Rowland’s girlband FINALLY has a name AND a brand new video that you’ve GOT to see

We’ve been enjoying the birth and development of Kelly Rowland’s new girl group through BET’s docu-series ‘Chasing Destiny’.

yes gawd

Earlier this month, the group released their first official track as a group and at the time, we told you that they still didn’t have an official name… But that’s all changed.


We can confirm that the group’s official name is… (*drum roll please*) JUNE’S DIARY.


“But why June’s Diary?” we hear you ask. Well, group member Kristal Lyndriette explained during a Facebook Q&A session:

“Even though we were put together in February, June is the month that we spiritually connected as a group. A lot of great things happened for us in the month of June. We were just having a talk last week, that something just clicked. Something just happened between us, and we were just like ‘Wow.’”


June’s Diary made their red carpet debut at the BET Awards this past Sunday, 26th June and also shared their new single ‘L.A.N.C.E.’ at the same time. You can check out the video below, where you’ll also get a better understanding of what ‘L.A.N.C.E.’ means.

They’re just so cool. We’re super excited to see what happens next with June’s Diary.

What do you think of the band? Are you into the name? Do you like ‘L.A.N.C.E.’? We’re waiting for your voices @maximumpop

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