‘Eadlyn is sassy and independent’ MP!er Bhavik reviews Keira Cass’s ‘The Heir’.

The Selection series by Kiera Cass is a bit of ‘The Bachelor’, mixed with ‘The Hunger Games’.

35 girls across the country are chosen to compete, but by the end there can only be one winner, who will take the position as the new princess of Illea, and Prince Maxon’s bride?

MP!er Bhavik applied to get a totes free copy through our You Review section of the site, read on to see what he thought…

Name: Bhavik
Age: 16
Favourite book at the moment: ‘An Ember in the Ashes’ by Sabaa Tahir.

Describe ‘The Heir’ with a song. I’d pick ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift because alike to the song, the main character of this book, Eadlyn, is sassy and independent. She knows she doesn’t need a man to rule to country even if her parents tell her she does.

Have you read any of the other books in the series? If not, did the book make sense without having read them? I have! I read and loved ‘The Selection’ back in 2013 and have stuck with Kiera Cass’s books since then. When I first heard about this book I was a little skeptical because I thought the books wrapped up really well in ‘The One’ but I definitely think this book ties in well with the series as both a continuation (it has a few nods to the original series) and as a separate book with a new band of characters that can be read on it’s own.

The HeirWhat do you think of the cover? The cover is stunning. All of the covers of ‘The Selection’ books are absolutely beautiful, I’m not really one to shy away from a book if it has a “girly” cover, it’s always the inside that counts.

This book deals with America’s daughter. In what ways is she different from her mother? Eadlyn couldn’t be more different from my mother. While my mum is soft, Eadlyn is ruthless, she is harsh and detached from the world. She was obviously having a hard time falling for any of the boys in the competition but the reason is probably because as a princess she was brought up without the chance to talk to any males other than her father and twin brother and now suddenly 35 men have been thrust upon her all at once. It’s a lot for her to deal with.

What did you think of the Selection with male candidates instead of female? The male/female switch was something I found very interesting. Seeing the story from the point of view from the selector rather than a contestant, I found it fascinating to see ‘The Selection’ from the view of inside the palace and seeing the tactful way certain things were done to get the attention of the media.

Which of the candidates would you pick as your prince? Henri was my favourite of the candidates. The language barrier between him and Eadlyn was entertaining to watch and he seemed like the most genuine person in the competition. Even though he’s my favourite of the contenders I think Kile (who I also like) will probably be the one to win Eadlyn’s hand.

Anything you didn’t like about ‘The Heir’? Probably Eadlyn’s character. Although she’s a lot stronger than America was in ‘The Selection’ trilogy, I feel like she’s overly brutal at points. She views love as something to be feared and as something that will make her weaker. She doesn’t try to make an effort when she’s on dates with the contestants and I really want her to understand that she can be strong and have a husband at the same time.

After reading this, are you excited for the 5th book? I am. I’ll definitely read the conclusion to this series and I’m excited to see who Eadlyn ends up with. There are some things I want from it as a book, including some character development on Eadlyn’s part and for her to be a more open character in the next book.

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