Katy Perry ‘Roar’ Music Video – 5 Things To Look Out For

With the emoji filled lyric video still taking over literally ALL the music channels, Katy Perry has finally unleashed the official video for her empowerment anthem ‘Roar’, so now we can listen to our favourite tune and watch her pretty face (instead of her having a wee!)

The music video seems to have taken inspiration from Lost and George Of The Jungle (and a little bit of Aqua’s ‘Doctor Jones’ video) and was filmed in Junglescope – no, we don’t know either.

Now that our replay button seems to have broken, it’s time to tell you our favourite but we haven’t got all day, and we’re sure you haven’t either. So we’ve decided instead to give you a crash course in this magnificent video and tell you the five things you should look out for!

1 An Actual Man Gets Eaten By A Tiger!

After Katy’s plane crashes in the middle of the jungle, a very irresponsible man is more concerned about taking selfies than anything else (sounds like us, oops) and ends up getting eaten by a tiger right in front of poor Katy’s eyes! Well, that’s certainly taught us that our Instagram followers can wait if we’re ever caught in a dangerous environment!

2 Scary Eye Lights Turn Into Dancing Fireflies

We were concerned for Katy after she was seen sitting with her back turned to a load of lights that looked like scary eyes creeping closer and closer up behind her but were pleasantly surprised that they just turned out to be fireflies performing a dance routine and forming a tiger’s head, lifting both ours and Katy’s spirits.

3Aww! There Are A LOT Of Cute Animals

The video expectedly features a lot of jungle animals but these are some of the cutest animals you could find! Aside from the dancing fireflies, the video also sees Katy become best friends with a little monkey, helping a crocodile brush its teeth and in return for showering her, Katy paints an elephants toenails. (SPOILER: the tiger turns out to be nice, too!)

Katy’s Roar-Off With The Tiger

We’re used to a good song-off here at MP! but became a tad scared when we realised we were about to watch one of our favourite pop princesses have a ‘roar-off’ with a tiger. Coming face to face with her jungle rival, Katy roared her heart out and beat the tiger at its own game! GO KATY!

5Katy Becomes The Queen Of The Jungle!

After all the man eating, dancing fireflies, costume change, jungle makeovers and of course that victorious roar-off, there was only one thing left to do… crown Katy Queen of the Jungle! Unfortunately Ant and Dec weren’t available to carry out the proceedings but luckily Katy still managed to find herself a flower crown. Maybe we’ll see KP on this year’s I’m A Celebrity…?

Now you know exactly what to keep an eye out for, it’s time for you to watch this magnificent visual pop masterpiece. And why not let us know what your favourite bit is?

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