5 Things We Want From Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’

Gold trucks, tiger print and a leak that aligned her with Gaga, Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ album campaign has begun with a bang and while she’s busy putting the final touches on the album and releasing anthemic debut single ‘Roar’, we’ve got some of our top five things we really want from Ms Perry.

1 This goes without saying but after the fruit apparel and candy-coloured-and-coated chic of previous album campaigns past, we want some truly fierce styling from Ms Perry. She can leave the costumes at home, this time around for her more mature sound, we’re expecting some glamour here. None of that Lisa Frank-90s stuff please.

2 We love  a good EDM tune and while we’e definitely not saying no to a EDM-pop banger from KP, this time around, I think she should keep off the glowsticks and give us some solid pure pop.

3 Katy definitely isn’t shy to collaborations and ‘Teenage Dream’ had more than its fair share with Kanye West, Snoop Dogg (sorry Snoop Lion) and Missy Elliot all rocking up at one point or another in the album campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of these come across as dialled-in rap verses and we’d love to see some other people on board. Our choices? Britney, Gaga, Cher Lloyd and Carly Rae Jepsen are always at the top of the list.

 We’ve already spoken about the clothing but if the ‘Roar’ artwork and teasers are anything to go by, then she’s going to be unleashing the tiger print during the single campaign. Tiger print is nice in itself but Katy Perry is an established global popstar – she can do it classier surely.

5 The biggest thing we want out of the whole campaign is simple – some truly fantastic, big proper pop. With Britney still working on her latest album, Gaga working on some experimental dance-electronic-pop and Beyonce’s campaign stopping and starting plenty, we need some big pop tunes that will race along the radiowaves. Give us a big stonking singalong pop anthem, KP, and we’re yours.

Check out new single ‘Roar’ below:

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