Has Katy Perry gone too far with her latest crazy outfit?!

The dark day has come when Katy Perry revealed, “I’m running out of tricks. Maybe I should just be normal.” She’s talking about her outfit choices by the way. It’s time us and all you Katy Cats pitched in some wacky, wonderful clothing options for Miss Perry.


Katy has tried almost everything, from cats and pin-up girls to that amazing carousel dress, so use your imagination and get thinking. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

1) An astronaut – space chic is so in right now 51xDFohSJdL

2) Everyone has been a teletubby – Katy would deffo be Poadult-red-teletubbies-costume

3) What about 2006 Taylor Swift? We’ve never seen Katy wear anything like this


4) Or how about Sandy from Grease?


5) Orlando Bloom as Legolas in ‘The Lord of the Rings’, Katy is a natural blonde after all


6) Queen Elizabeth II, she is the most stylish 90-year-old around


7) Left Shark is iconic and if she was ever to wear one last crazy outfit, we hope it’d be him

8) She rocked a butterfly costume, why not a caterpillar?

monarch Caterpillar

9) Just like her carousel dress, how about a moving roller coaster?


10) You can’t go wrong with a robot outfit


Katy has actually kind of done everything, so we understand her struggle. Maybe she’ll do a Nicki Minaj and calm it down a little. Either way, Katy always looks incredible and we loving see her crazy outfit choices. Got any fashion advice for Katy? Tweet her (and us!) @maximumpop with your fabulous ideas.

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