Would you like to date Katy Perry? This man thinks he has!

So one of the weirdest, most bizarre things has happened. We all know ‘Catfish: The TV Show‘ is pretty crazy but this episode has been taken to a whole new level. We’re talking a mega pop star, a ring and a whole other continent.


Spencer Morrill confessed to Nev and Max that he has met a lovely lady on a social app, only for her to reveal she’s bloody Katy Perry. He even bought her an engagement ring, which apparently cost 25% of his life savings. You need to watch the teaser for it to get the full effect.

It is quite sad but maybe if he had just added Katy on Snapchat, he wouldn’t have been fooled for so long! If any of you think you’re being catfished by a pop star, probs best to add them from our Snapchat directory. Six years is a long time guys.


Unfortunately people not in the US will have to wait a while until it airs but all you lucky citizens of the USA can go ahead and watch it now. Please let us know how painful it was to watch one a scale of 1-10 @maximumpop.

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