Katy Perry unveils weirdest video yet with ‘Birthday’…

Oh Katy, Katy, Katy… Whatever shall we do with you? The ‘Birthday’ video is here ladies and gentlemen and it’s as insane as you’d expect.

Earlier this week Ms. Perry previewed a trailer featuring herself disguised as some terrible birthday party entertainers but apparently she’s decided these characters needed a public outing as well. The video follows the different entertainers around various birthday parties but the highlight of them all sees ‘Kriss the Clown’ crashing a child’s birthday party, having an altercation with a piñata and eventually getting himself into a (thankfully fake) car crash. However, the unsuspecting party guests are completely unaware of this as the madness unfolds and a hidden camera documents the entire fiasco.

Well, you can’t say that Katy doesn’t put a lot of effort into these videos, that’s for sure…

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