WTF happened? A timeline of Kat and Jeffree’s fall out, from BFFs to major Twitter row

If you didn’t already know, the world has sort of gone mad with all the Twitter feuds going on left, right and centre. Between Kimye and Taylor Swift’s spat, and now with beauty YouTubers Kat Von D and Jeffree Star bumping heads… Well, we’re finding it difficult to keep track on who still actually likes each other.


But it’s all good — here at MP! we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled this nifty timeline so you’ll never be confused about these beauty gurus’ glitter-infused fights again.

The two’s friendship initially blossomed 10 years ago in 2006, according to a tweet by Jeffree, which has since been deleted.


In Kat’s video calling out Jeffree’s behaviour, she reflected on how their friendship had started, hanging out and discussing the start of his potential make-up line. Turns out, it all took place in her living room, where she encouraged Jeffree’s unique style and hooked him up with a factory that was producing some of her make-up lines at the time. Not only that, she also put him into contact with artist, BJ, to help design his logos.

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In 2014 Jeffree Star launched his make-up line featuring the logo BJ had designed for him, his initials reminiscent of Chanel’s logo, which Kat mentioned in her video. Apparently it was at this point that BJ didn’t receive payment and Jeffree was ignoring and blocking his calls.

Days before uploading her call out video, Kat heard from BJ and found out on the 16th July 2016 that her friend had never received payment and that Jeffree had taken the original designs and found he had no need for BJ anymore.

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On the 19th July, the same day she would upload her video explaining all, Kat made a statement via an Instagram post, apologising for Jeffree’s inexcusable behaviour in regards to drugs, racism and  bullying.

She also confirmed she would be pulling the shade ‘Jeffree’ from her range.


Jeffree responded to both the video and Instagram post with a series of tweets:

Later that day… Kat Von D’s video was uploaded.

That’s when things really started to kick off, with Jeffree taking to his Snapchat and stating: “I know you guys are expecting me to pop off and be crazy, but that’s not how I react when something’s not true. Later tonight, I will be addressing the false allegations, the ‘logo drama’ which is already squashed, and everything else she lied about.”


The evening of the 19th July, Jeffree continued his tweeting rampage, adding that BJ had in fact been paid.

To which Kat responded with:

On the 20th July, the artist himself spoke out on his own Twitter page, confirming he had indeed been paid. However, he did not explicitly say whether it was at the time back in early days of Jeffree Star’s make-up line or since the spat between the two began.

And then, after saying he wouldn’t be “clapping back” with a response video, Jeffree only went and uploaded his own video addressed to Kat Von D herself, didn’t he?

In the nearly twenty-five minute long video, Jeffree goes through, point by point, everything Kat covered in her original video, as well as showing the text message conversation on his phone.


Phew! Since then, nothing more has been said on either side, so we’re going to assume that’s the end of it.

Tbh, we have no idea what to think. We reckon we’re just going to take a leaf out of Gabs’ book and acknowledge both sides of the story…

At least, after all that, BJ has been paid, right? 🙈

What do you think about all this? Tweet us @maximumpop, because we’re very, very confused, tbh.

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