MP! Soapbox: Karen M. McManus told us why being an outsider at school is ACTUALLY a good thing

“It took me a while to find my people…”

In today’s MP! Soapbox, we asked best-selling author, Karen M. McManus, to tell us about her high school experience. Karen’s new book, ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ is basically ‘The Breakfast Club’ 2.0 and focuses on different cliques coming together, casting off their labels and embracing their identities as outsiders.

Everyone’s felt a little bit like an outsider at high school. Perhaps you enjoy a particular hobby that your friends find lame or uncool? Or maybe you’ve just grown tired of the people you’re hanging around with after class?

Karen has had a similar experience. She was in the cool crowd one minute and out of it the next, but she quickly learnt that embracing her own personality was far better than pretending to be someone you’re not.

This is Karen M. McManus’ MP! Soapbox…

It happened in middle school – one minute I was part of the popular clique and the next minute I wasn’t. It’s a terrible feeling when your friends reject you, and I didn’t understand back then that it wasn’t really about me at all. It took me a while to find ‘my people’, but when I did, they were true friends. Eventually I realised that being an outsider can be a good thing. It gives you a tough skin and a soft heart – you’re kinder, bolder and you didn’t need anyone’s approval to be who you are.

XO Karen

Want to find out more about Karen M. McManus?

You can snap up a copy of her incredible new novel ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ by clicking here. You’ll also be able to catch Karen at the Young Adult Literature Convention on 28th July 2017.

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