Kanye’s fans prove they are crazily dedicated by camping for new Yeezys 9 days before release!

Kanye considers himself a God and it looks like his fans are his disciples because they are beyond dedicated to him.

Shoppers in LA are already queuing outside shops already ahead of the new Yeezy Adidas trainers despite them not hitting the shelves until 18th March  – that’s in 9 days time!


There are two different LA locations that have seen lines forming outside as devoted fans prepare to camp. Despite their loyalty, the shipment will possibly contain as little as only 60 pairs of trainers in different sizes. So, like The Hunger Games for Yeezys? The Yeezy Games?

Both of the stores’ orders will be confirmed this weekend and the store manager will then give out a wristband to the first 60 people which will then allow them to buy a pair of the $350 trainers on the 18th March.

If that isn’t intense, it gets better. Those who get wristbands are then expected to come back into the store three times a day to check in at midday, 4pm and again at 8pm. They have to show proof of identification at each visit. Should they fail to attend one of the visits, they will forfeit their opportunity to buy a pair of sneakers.

JEEZ (YEEZ?). For all that effort we want to meet Kanye, get a follow from him on all social media, him to send us a Christmas card, concert tickets and make a video performing a remix of Happy Birthday for us.

Would you be that dedicated to your fave? Especially over a pair of shoes? Let us know @maximumpop!

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