MP! Interviews: We chat to internet celebrities Kalin & Myles – find out if they wear boxers or briefs!

Kalin and Myles are an R&B/Hip Hop duo from North Carolina who with a huge teenage fanbase across Vine, Twitter and YouTube. We were lucky to have a chinwag with them about their career, getting to know them and uh… pants.

How would you describe yourselves and Internet career in one sentence?

We are positive, funny, shy guys who enjoy having fun while chasing dreams.

How did you first meet?

Kalin: We first met at a party, a mutual friend brought me to Myles’ house as he was throwing it and couple of years later is when we started and I went over to his house and we put a song and video out that weekend. So that was kind of through a mutual friend.

How would you say life has changed since you’ve been doing all of this?

Kalin: It’s definitely changed a little bit- we’re travelling around more and don’t get to see our families as much. That’s probably the biggest thing.

Myles: It’s also made us much more positive, I think how it’s all happened for us and seeing things changed has made us more positive.

What inspired you to create Vines?

We didn’t first start there, but it was a cool social media app that you can connect with the fans and our fans were like “Make a vine! Make a vine!” so we did! And we’ll catch ourselves staying up until 3am just watching funny vines.

You guys are an R&B duo – who are your music influences?

Kalen:  I’d say Chris Brown,  Michael Jackson and Usher

Myles: A local band because they’re just guys that kind of do stuff in their room and that’s pretty much basically what we do.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Chris Brown would definitely be one that we’d like to collaborate with.

If you could put on any event for your fans to show your support- besides a concert – what would you do?

We’d have a marshmallow dodgeball match!

If you could describe your fan base in 3 words, what would they be?

Kalin: Cute

Myles: Loved as we love them

Both: Supportive

What’s the highlight of 2014 been for you?

Getting signed and getting where we are today, we want to say thanks to the people who signed us because what we do wouldn’t be possible. At one point we started with dreams and goals and now we’re doing them

What’s the plan for the end of the year and 2015?

We’re going to a club for New Years Eve! And then 2015, and making more music, meeting people and we have a show in London on January 9th! It’s in the O2 Academy in Islington and it’s almost sold out.

Boxers or briefs?

Kalin: I wear boxer briefs
Myles: Same!

Spotify or iTunes


1D or 5SOS

One Direction!

Chocolate or pizza?


Take out or all you can eat buffet?

All you can eat baby, bring it on!


Check out Kalin & Myles on YouTube, Vine  and Twitter!

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