What do you mean we have to wait until the end of August Justin Bieber?

You know that feeling when you head over Twitter in the hope to find something new and exciting to hold on to. You spend a good few minutes trawling some rather pointless Tweets until BAM! You stumble across the countdown to a new single from Justin Bieber and YOUR DAY IS IMMEDIATELY MADE!

Now we aren’t ones to moan at such joyous news however we feel that waiting until the end of August is far too long! You hear that Justin, FAR TOO LONG! So many questions left unanswered like how is it going to sound? Will he be taking off his top in the video? Is anyone else featured on the track?

So until then we will have to settle for the infectious ‘Where are u now’ with Skrillex and Diplo. It’s a hard life isn’t it.


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