Justin Bieber Breaks Twitter World Record. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. Do you ever feel like you are just 1 in a million? Well if you are following Justin Bieber on Twitter, you are 1 in 40 million. As of today, JB (Justin Bieber, not the guy from JLS) has reached 40 million followers and is the first person EVER to do so.  This means that there is now 2 million followers between him and his closest rival, Lady Gaga (she has been very quiet lately, hasn’t she?), who has 38 million. Just 38 million? Pfft… Loser!

We are sure this has to do with people flocking to his social media sites in the hopes of finding some more news on his latest single ‘Heartbreaker’. To celebrate his accomplishment, Bieber retweeted an old tweet that read: “wow, just yesterday I had 2 followers, today I have 40! THANKS GUYS!”. POP BITS OUT.

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