Justin Bieber in Space. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. With 85 awards, 3 US Number 1 albums, 40 million twitter followers and new single ‘Heartbreaker’ on the way, it’s obvious the sky is the limit for Justin Bieber. Even with all this success, the only way is up for the Canadian superstar. We just never realised how far up that was. The Biebs has booked himself a seat on a space shuttle that is flying to… well… SPACE. Justin and his manager will be joined by Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo Di Caprio on Virgin Galactic’s journey into the unknown. Will Justin find life outside earth? Maybe even Beliebers on Mars?  The ‘Boyfriend’ singer took to his twitter to confirm the news and said he wanted to shoot a video in space- now that would be out of this world. POP BITS OUT. 

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