Justin Bieber’s London woes continue

Justin Bieber may regret ever getting on that plane to the UK. Ever since he turned 19 in London last Friday Bieber has had the week from hell. There’s been inappropriate nakedness, there’s been a gas mask, there have been (alleged) 14 year-olds in night clubs, there’s been the ‘worst birthday’ and there has been the now infamous two-hour delay on Monday night at the O2. We addressed some of these issues on Tuesday in an open letter to Mr. Bieber. Nothing has seemed to have run smoothly for Justin since he began his residency in London.

Last night it got even worse. Justin made it onto stage – hurrah! – but not long after he had to leave the stage for twenty minutes with breathing problems. They may or may not have been caused by the dodgy vintage gas mask he’s been donning. Justin is reported to have fainted backstage before receiving oxygen. His manager Scooter Braun took to the stage and told London’s Beliebers that Justin had complained of lightness of breath throughout the show. Justin then returned to the stage against doctor’s orders and finished the show. He received further treatment at hospital overnight.

Ever the shy and retiring type, Justin posted this shirtless picture on Instagram of himself in a hospital bed.

He took time to thank his Beliebers for helping him through the show. He is “figuring out what happened” before his final London show tonight. Provided he gets through this one without any drama, we’re certain that he’ll be on the first plane out of the country.

But thank you Justin for bringing a little bit of drama and excitement to this boring, rainy March week. Bon voyage!

Much love, the people of Britain.

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