Justin Bieber is back in his sexiest photoshoot ever. We are not ready.

Justin Bieber is on the brink of becoming Saint of Pop once again. After going of the rails for a few months, Biebs has proved himself wholesome by allowing himself to get roasted on international television and dropping one of the best singles of the year so far. What an angel.



But Justin’s not afraid to let his naughty show side every once in a while and we are so happy about it. We’ve caught Bieber Fever all over again thanks to Justin’s new photoshoot for Interview magazine and we think it may be his sexiest… and best to date.

Justin strips down to just his red boxer briefs *drool*, dons a creepy clown mask, and even places a rather sharp knife on his tongue in the sexy psychopathic shoot. Sexy psychopathic? Is that a thing? Is that wrong?


So. Much. Nipple. We need a ruddy long lay down.

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