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QUIZ: Do you know all the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Friends’?


Justin Bieber has a brand new song out and Beliebers everywhere are losing their minds. The track is called ‘Friends’ and it’s SO good that we demand everyone within a 1 meter radius of you hears it immediately.

Volume up, please.

‘Friends’ features BloodPop and (obviously) is an absolute belter. We’ve played it approximately 4637829 times since it dropped and we know we’re not the only ones.

You guys have been talking about it non-stop on Twitter and #Friends is trending worldwide. How awesome is that?!

Have you learnt all the lyrics to Bieber’s latest hit, though? We sure have and thought it was about time we tested your ‘Friends’ knowledge.

Think you’ve got what it takes to get 10/10? All you need to do is finish the lyrics off in the quiz below. Once you’re done, make sure you leave your score in the comments and let us know what you got.

How did you do? Comment your score below. You can also take more of our popstar quizzes by clicking here.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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