Justin Bieber for the new Batman Vs. Superman flick- 5 roles he could tackle

Imagine our surprise when we log onto Instagram for our daily perv on celebrity nipples and we find a Bieber instapic where he’s fully clothed! As if that weren’t shocking enough, he’s also holding up a script for the new Batman Vs. Superman film!

It’s almost certain that this is a hoax for a new Funny or Die video, as Bieber had hinted at an upcoming practical joke before he posted the pic. We are choosing to ignore those signs and have put ourselves in the shoes of the casting director. What role could the Biebs be playing in Batman???

1Robin- It’s the obvious choice. Justin is young and fit and so is Robin.

2Himself– Justin would be the best choice for this role as he has already mastered the role in The Simpsons and Never Say Never (as well as numerous videos).

3The Janitor- No, this is not The Joker’s estranged cousin, twice removed. We just think it would be amazing for such a massive megastar to take on the role of a janitor at the Daily Planet?

Jimmy Olsen- Jimmy is Clark Kent’s young reporter friend but apparently was replaced by a female character in Superman Returns so this looks like the least likely option.

5 Catwoman- Correction, this is the least likeliest option but we would love to see the Biebs in some skin tight PVC. Who’s with us?

What role would you like to see JB take on in the new flick? Or are you praying that this is a practical joke?

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