Justin Bieber Announces New Film. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Most of Justin Bieber’s time consists of touring, making music, flying into outer space and acting a bit odd. Imagine our surprise (and delight) when JB announced a sequel to his “Never Say Never” film earlier today. 

Not much is known about the film except that it is in fact a film! Will it be a tour documentary? Will it be a biopic? Will it be a remake of Footloose? Only time will tell, but we are sooooo excited for this.

There has even been some online whispers of the Biebs looking to tackle 1D’s movie in the Box Office, with a similar release date. We are hoping this is just rumours, as we couldn’t possibly decide which one to go see! If Justin is looking to take on “This Is Us”, he will up against some quiff competition! POP BITS OUT.

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