Justin Bieber revealed the tracklist of his album ‘Purpose’ in the coolest way ever

We didn’t think we could get even more excited about Justin Bieber’s album, but now he revealed the tracklist and we’re pretty much freaking out.

Justin didn’t just announce the song titles through boring iTunes though, they were graffiti-ed  in different cities around the world.

And here’s the tracklist in black and white:
1.      “Mark My Words”
2.      “I’ll Show You”
3.      “What Do You Mean?”
4.      “Sorry”
5.      “Love Yourself”
6.      “Company”
7.      “No Pressure” Ft. Big Sean
8.      “No Sense” Ft. Travis Scott
9.      “The Feeling” Ft. Halsey
10.  “Live Is Worth Living”
11.  “Where Are Ü Now”
12.  “Children”
13.  “Purpose”

14.  “Been You”
15.  “Get Used To Me”
16.  “We Are” Ft. Nas
17.  “Trust”
18.  “All In It”

We just can’t wait to hear the album in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!!!

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