An apology to June and Milly.

Dear readers,

As you’ll very probably be aware, Maximum Pop! is a website that prides itself on bringing you the best and most silly latest music news. You’ve hopefully also realised that we like helping out fan accounts and drives that do good for the world of pop and fandoms. For instance, we very recently interviewed a group of fans about the upcoming ‘Rea1Deal’ campaign.

However, there seems to be an account that is truly helping out fans that we just for some reason keep on missing. We didn’t even notice that we’d been missing out this account until we received the following tweet from a popular One Direction fan account.

Introducing June & Milly, two One Direction fans who give away tickets to One Direction concerts to fans that don’t have tickets. They’re literally like the One Direction fandom version of Santa.

But how does this all work? Thousands of entrants all fighting over the same ticket? Nope, none of that. It’s all explained in this tweet.

I think you’ll all agree that they’re pretty bloody amazing.

So, June and Milly, we sincerely apologise for not featuring you on our site more and promise that it is about to change. We bloomin’ love you!

Follow June & Milly on Twitter and Instagram.

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