Julian Bunetta on 1D new album: One Direction’s ‘Four’ offers fans a ‘window’ into the group

We won’t lie to you- we are pretty damn excited for 1D’s album ‘Four’ to release on 17th November. We find ourselves internally squealing with excitement from time to time and it causes our parents to give us some pretty concerning looks.

excited 1d

So we were pretty excited when co-producer/co-songwriter of the album, Julian Bunetta, spilled the beans a bit on what to expect.

“It’s a “window into how they’re feeling and what they’re going through. The happiness and the sadness and the ups and downs,” Bunetta told Billboard.  “Everybody wants to not settle. Nobody wants to repeat the formula.”

The feels are building already.

“I think that everybody felt like this was a nice, little change in pace,” Julian continued.  “It’s a nice breather and a nice sort of more sophisticated, artful way of making a pop song for kids from 8 to 80.”

So no na na na’s or chinny chin chins? Not even an oh, oh, oh?

“Fans want to be challenged and they want to be led and taken to new places and hear things they haven’t heard. And the boys definitely listen to the fans. And they’re the ones who are giving me the go ­ahead to also keep pushing it and trying things and making bold musical statements,” he said. “And it’s so freeing because we can just do whatever we want.”

Well isn’t that bloody exciting? Our boys are growing into men and we don’t know whether we are more proud or more emotional. We’re gonna go listen to a bit of Up All Night to reminisce on the old days. FOREVER YOUNG, boys. Forever young.

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