Would Jordan Jansen fancy hanging out with 5SOS? Find out as we play The Music Game

Aussie pop rocker Jordan Jansen is a social media superstar. With over 1 million Facebook fans, 750,000 Twitter followers and his YouTube videos being viewed nearly 50 million times, it’s no wonder when he’s as cute as his voice is angelic.

We decided to play a game with Jordan, where he can only answer our questions with song titles. Let’s see how he gets on…


Hey Jordan! How are you?

‘Happy’ (Pharrell Williams)

How would you advertise yourself in your Tinder bio? 

‘Freak’ (Lana Del Rey)

You’ve got a new EP out called ‘Invincible’ – how would you describe it? 

‘Dreams Come True’ (Westlife) and ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’ (Sam Cooke)

We’re sure your fans would love to know this – what’s your current relationship status? 

‘Single Ladies’ (Beyoncé)

What are you looking forward to this summer?

‘Sleep’ (My Chemical Romance)

Fellow Aussies 5SOS have asked you to hang out, what do you say? 

‘Hey Everybody!’ (5SOS)

We’d love to see you in the UK someday – would you ever come over to visit? 

‘I Wish’ (Jordan Jansen)

Where’s one place you’d love to perform? 

‘Worldwide’ (Big Time Rush)

What’s your life motto? 

‘EAT!’ (Murph & Gawkman)

Where do you see yourself in ten years time? 

‘California’ (Joni Mitchell)

Not bad, Jansen. Not bad at all.

Would you like to see Jordan in the UK or hanging out with 5SOS? Tweet us @maximumpop while we listen to ‘Invincible’ on repeat.

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