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Could there be a surprise Jonas Brothers reunion? Nick has dropped a big hint

Last week we were devastated by the news that Nick Jonas had regrets about ‘The Jonas Brothers’. However, all doesn’t seem lost as now we hear there could be a Jo-Bro reunion. Wait, what?

Hannah MOntana say what

Despite the fact that the sibling trio went their separate ways in 2013, baby Jo Bro Nick has said he would in fact consider working with Joe again. Speaking to Billboard, he discussed the possibilities of getting back in the studio with his older brother: “Would I write again with Joe? Yeah, for sure.”

“Obviously we’ve written quite a bit together in the past so there’s that built-in trust. If he wanted me to jump into a session with him I’d be more than happy to, and vice versa.”

“We have a lot of respect for each other and it’s great to see we are both able to do our own thing now.”

We don’t even know where Kevin is or what he’s up to, but someone slap a guitar on him and drag him into this little shindig and let’s get ourselves a Jonas Brothers reunion!

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