Download Or Ditch: Jonas Brothers ‘First Time’

Calling all MPers! Calling all MPers! We need YOU! Your votes are all that matters in our Download Or Ditch poll.

The Jonas Brothers are back and looking hotter than ever. ‘First Time’ is the second single from the siblings’ fifth studio album. Nick Jonas said the track is “great live. It’s a big party whenever we play it” but does that mean that it’s rubbish on CD?

‘First Time’ is a pop rock track that’s midtempo and oozing with Jonas Bros musicality. It’s a lot more mature than what we are used to receiving from the Jo-Bros. It’s got some beautiful verses before bursting into an anthemic chorus. But we can’t help but wonder what ‘First Time’ they are referring too. Does this mean the purity rings have come off?

The video for ‘First Time’ is lots of fun and looks like a great lads holiday in Vegas (think Hangover but without the alcohol or ruined lives).

What’s your verdict on ‘First Time’? Are you loving the grown-up sound or are you worried it’s not stand-out enough? Is this listen the first of many times or the first and last time? Cast your votes below. Voting is closed.

Results: You voted to Ditch the Jo Bro’s new track with 54.17% of you deciding it’s the last time you want to hear ‘First Time’. Don’t worry Nick, Kevin and Joe, we’ll console you!

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