Leave, get out. Go on. Jojo is back with 3 new songs, wahey!

If you were a child/baby of the 90’s, you probably grew up watching Disney Channel or listening to the Pop Party CDs; and you’ll definitely remember JoJo who rocked every child’s world with her song ‘Leave (Get Out)’, such a banger.

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Anyway, she’s finally making a MAJOR comeback. Her highly anticipated ‘tringle’  is out now and we’ve never been so excited. There’s 3 new singles from her upcoming album, hence the name tringle (triple singles, smart ay?)

There’s 2 ballads showing off JoJo’s incredible vocals and a more upbeat dancey track to get our grooooove on. We’re crazy excited for her album after a long feud with her record label and we’re pretty sure she’s excited too.

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