Johnny Orlando, aka the next Justin Bieber, takes you behind the scenes at his new music video shoot

Shhhh…. we’re gonna let you in on a little secret. YouTube sensation, budding pop star and all round teen heartthrob, Johnny Orlando, is back with his second column for MP! This week he’s giving us a sneak peak into the making of his new music video for his slam dunk of a single ‘Let Go’. Don’t tell anyone! Here you go.

Hey everyone, Johnny here. Welcome back to my Maximum Pop! blog series! This week I am going to take you behind the scenes of the video shoot for my newest original single, “Let Go”.

Watch the video here!

“Let Go” is the first video that I’ve ever had professionally directed and produced, so filming it was really cool for me. Best of all, I got to shoot with some of my best friends, including my dancers, my sister Lauren, and some of my friends from school.

The story is about a group of space cadets who are trapped on a spaceship. At first, everyone is too scared to escape, but by the end of the video we realize that fear and doubt are obstacles that can be overcome. We end up stealing a remote and breaking out of the spaceship. The message behind this is about letting go of the things that hold you back… the challenges that you face should never stand in the way of you achieving your dreams!



The day of the shoot was so busy, and I never knew that so many people are involved with making a music video. There were camera men, a hair and makeup artist, a director, producer, wardrobe consultant, art director and so many more, all working together to make sure we made the best video. The set was designed to look like a spaceship, with blue lights and cool special effects. We arrived on set around 9am and went right to wardrobe. The wardrobe for the video was inspired by Kanye West’s clothing line, which I really like.


We filmed take after take for hours, until everything was absolutely perfect. It was such a long day, but after seeing the video, I can definitely say that it was worth it.

One of the coolest parts of the day was being interviewed by ‘Entertainment Tonight’. ‘ET Canada’ came backstage to film behind the scenes for their ‘Social Spotlight’ television segment. They even compared me to Justin Bieber, which was so awesome! You can watch the whole interview here:

Thanks for checking out my second blog post! See you next week.


Thanks Johnny! Looking forward to seeing you back next Friday for the next installment of your blog series. Tweet us @maximumpop if you loved going behind the scenes on the shoot for ‘Let Go’.

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Written by David Farrell

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